The Archive is organized into four areas:

  1. Archive of Documents: its objective is to recover, preserve, organize and offer to be consulted documentation related to the activity of the co-operative movements of credit: Memories , Balances, Corporate Minute Book, pictures, personal documents of the founders and leaders , advertising brochures, etc.)
  2. Oral Archive: its objective is the systematic and planned creation, preservation and organization of the oral sources (interviews of oral history and stories of the life of old leaders, government officials, employees and associates to the cooperative movement.
  3. Newspaper Library: its objective is to preserve and classify regular publications published by the co-operative movements of credit along its history.
  4. Auxiliary Library: its objective is to have a library where to store and catalog books, regular publications, articles and monographs, about the co-operative movements of credit -or where to find information about them- and the co-operative movement in general.